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We can take your passive house project from initial design concept to completion. We have gained valuable experience and expertise in the design, manufacture and construction of passive houses since the company formation in 2010. All of our timber frames are designed and fabricated from our workshop, located just outside Irvinestown, Co. Fermanagh.

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Our first Passive house dwelling was designed and constructed in 2012. The dwelling was constructed with our twin stud timber frame with dense pack cellulose insulation (Warmcel), Gutex woodfibre external insulation and Tata Colour Coat Urban roofing and wall cladding.


Our external wall and roof construction is both airtight and wind tight, using cellulose insulation to maximise thermal performance to meet and exceed Passive House standards. We have three types of structural solutions to meet our clients' budget and thermal needs, using I-beam, twin stud or solid stud. The layers of the walls are separated into structural and thermal elements, allowing for the quick and simple installation of electrical, plumbing and data services.

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If you already have plans prepared for your new dwelling we are happy to work with you and your architect to provide our PASSIVE PACKAGE. We provide our insulated timber frame structure to meet your budget and thermal performance requirements. With our PASSIVE PACKAGE we guarantee an air pressure test less than n50 0.6 m3/(hr.m2)@50Pa.


Warmcel insulation is a high performance insulation for timber framed buildings, sustainably manufactured from recycled newspaper by CIUR in Prague. Warmcel provides industry-leading thermal performance, ensuring your building’s U-values don’t just meet baseline building regulations, but exceed them.

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