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Patrick studied architecture at Heriot Watt University and also worked for Richard Murphy Architects during his time in Edinburgh. Fallis Construction Ltd (trading as Fallis Passive Design & Build) was formed by Patrick in May 2010. Since then Patrick, a Certified Passive House Designer, has been designing and building timber framed Passive dwellings using natural materials with a strong emphasis on breathable construction.


Fallis Passive Design & Build has displayed a "can do attitude" when it comes to embracing new and innovative products and has been rewarded with approved installer status for the following products:

Warmcel Insulation For Timber Frame Logo

Warmcel is a high performance cellulose fibre insulation for timber framed buildings manufactured from recycled newspapers. Fallis Passive Design & Build has been using Warmcel since 2012 and works closely with PYC Group (UK & Ireland distributor) who provide technical support.

Tata logo.jpg

Tata  Colorcoat Urban® standing seam system is designed for roofs and walls, has a 40 year manufacturer's guarantee and comes in a range of colours, designed to blend harmoniously with the landscape. Fallis Passive Design & Build has been installing Tata  Colorcoat Urban® since 2012 and we are approved installers for the north of Ireland. 

Wood fibre blow-in insulation made from timber from the Black forest, Germany.


The KORE Insulated Foundation System fully insulates the foundation of the home and is designed to deliver some of the lowest U-values available on the market, all while virtually eliminating the critical wall-to-floor cold bridge. Essentially, the Insulated Foundation System wraps the foundation of your home in a layer of Expanded Polystyrene (EPS300) to insulate your home from the ground up.

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